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10:11pm 23/10/2005
  Reply with your name and:

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST. It is written.

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09:43pm 05/05/2005
mood: fffffffffffffffffw

yeah so its been a fun week i guess, having good times with lauren. ive been here since monday and tomorrow i hafta go home :'-(. but im going to try and make up with caitlin so hopefully it wont be too bad.

we dyed my hair tonight. its red. VERY red. but only tinted red, not like bright red or anything.

woo go tigers.

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08:28pm 01/05/2005
  went to laurens yesterday, then the Minnesingers concert last night, met Shelby and Makena who were here with laurens dad, and Makena is THE cutest baby ive ever see in my whole life. slept over laurens last night, her mom made us yummy breakfast today then shebly and makena came over. after that i went to her concert again. theeen my mom took me home and we had dinner here wiht caitlin. uneventful weekend. oh kevins house for part of friday. yeahhh  

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08:43pm 27/04/2005
  i feel like ripping everything off of my walls and smashing stuff. and then painting my room, i dont know what color, it doesnt even matter, i just want to rip everything off and paint it.

i havent done any homework today. and im going to fail english. i feel very productive.

art was good, the assembly was fun, i guess baking was fun, and sea breezes was fun too. we went to motts because we had to pick up the layout thing at darosas.

so i guess it was a good day. until i stopped doing anything worthwhile and decided instead to be all weird.

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je suis dans l'amour   
10:16pm 25/04/2005
mood: contemplative
this is kind of long. i think too much sometimesCollapse )

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07:33pm 22/04/2005
  "It's like I'd been walking on a tightrope with a big safety net underneath me, but I never really thought about the net until someone took it away. And then every single step scared me to death."  

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they will see us waving from such great heights...   
12:18pm 22/04/2005
  sunday i stayed home, monday i forget what i did, and tuesday i went mini golfing with chris. but before that i was in VH and hung out with hippie and saw tricia. wednesday i went to the movies to see fever pitch, again. with chris andy and willy. and my dad forgot to pick me up. yesterday i babysat all day. and today im going to hang out with andy downtown OB in a bit. should be fun. uhmm yeahhhh so vacations almost over. i get to go see alyssa in 2 weeks, then shes coming home and the next weekend im going to hershey part with girl scouts. and its almost summer! so exciting.  

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09:06pm 16/04/2005
  i decided that i wanted to get out and do something today, so i called kevin to see who was home. because i have a listening disorder that prevented me from hearing people say if they were going away or not. plus i was tired on account of how alyssa woke me up at like 10 this morning (by phone, of course, because sadly she is not home to wake me up regularly).

he told me to go to motts at 3, and good little girl that i am i did. him and andy were there. andy was on the phone and he spilled his coffee (yuck!) ALLL over kevins jeans. it was hilarious, really. or maybe you just had to be there. or maybe not because it wasnt all that funny, except when andy wanted to help kevin clean it up ;).

Shay arrived shortly after, and both of us got hot chocolate, his mint, mine not because mint hot chocolate is disgusting. Betsey (Shay's mom) and his brother, Ian, and the other little munchkin boy whos name i never learned stumbled in then. she left the silly boys in our loving hands, because even though theyre soon-to-be-freshman (yeah, i know, scary much?) they cant take care of themselves or something. we took them to the flying horsies with us and went on the ride. curtis was working, and he looked at us a bit funny for riding the flying horsies but its okay because it is and always will be one of my favorite things to do on our precious rock and plus, its one of those things that just like the start to summer. it makes me happy.

Kevin won, of course. because he SO needs a free ride, Mr. I'll-take-the-10-ride-ticket-because-im-just-THAT-cool.

Anywho, we meandered down circuit avenue and headed to third world trading for andy to buy his incense holder. we lost shay, ian, and munchkin then because they got picked up.

the rest of the afternoon was spent walking around pretending to shop, trying to get a hold of justin, buying lighters, walking to tony's, having katie drive by with colleen and molly multiple times, and sitting. lots of sitting. oh we also went to the gameroom to check kevins work schedule. then we went out to dinnah at Seasons. saw lindsay and gaby a few times.

After all that jazz, we walked down to the Teen Center because it was cold out and we had an hour to kill. there we found BECCA, whit, evan, and julius. apparently they had dropped bobby off at sophies for her birthday party, felt weird staying, and instead ended up at the teen center. which was cool, because i got to see becca and i havent in a while since i neglected to go to Sea Breezes last week. leandra met us there.

justin showed up then to drive us down to the movies, because it was just SO far to walk. we got in the car despite whit's cautions not to (hes scared of justins driving on account of how he can make it from the school to alleys and back in less that 20 minutes. but i told him thats not scary). he decided we had enough time to do whatever he called that skid-mark-making thing. because he couldnt do it last night due to the car that was behind him. so we went out on beach road, he stopped, changed the gear to park or whatever, hit the gas and changed the gear back to drive and we went really really fast then turned around in lolas to check for the skidmark and go to the movie.

we went to see fever pitch, it was cute despite the heavy emphasis on baseball and the red sox.

then justin brought kevin, andy and leandra to the teen center to hang out and dropped me off on his way home.

it was a fun night. and im so glad its vacation.

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05:00pm 13/04/2005
  About my day,Collapse )

and just because.Collapse )

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ooh hey now i can be uberawesome too!   
03:10pm 12/04/2005
  okay so im still in the library. me and michelle are sitting across from this weird kid, were not sure if its a boy or a girl yet, it keeps mumbling something about its name being veronica even though it resembles a boy. anywho, hes kind of creepy and im afraid its going to attack me when the librarians not looking and drag me to its evil bat cave where it will take advantage of the fact that im in fear. or maybe it just enjoys looking up naughty things online and thats what making it have that look of happiness on its face? the world may never know.  

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03:04pm 12/04/2005
  so im in the library. its about 3:04. michelle and willy are here too. were planning on going to marcs lacrosse game because michelle didnt want to go alone.

my stomach hurts a lot.

we played in the music room earlier, with the soundproof room. me and michelle were deciding if it was really soundproof or not. it isnt.

im bored now. so bye.

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01:55pm 08/04/2005
  erm. i updated just now but in laurens livejournal.

so go here if you want to read my precious ramblings:


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Whats the point in all this screaming?   
03:45pm 06/04/2005
  No one's listening anyway.Collapse )  

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And the plaster dented from your fist in the hall where you had your first kiss   
08:47pm 05/04/2005
  went off island saturday with my mom and sister...came home, and my dad was gone. he went off island but didnt tell us that until sunday morning which kind of sucked because we were worried. but its okay now.

my cousin christin goes to UMass Amherst and she drove up to see us on sunday, which was cool. i havent seen her since our grandmas funeral several years ago. we all want to have a family reunion this summer.

have MCAS tomorrow, that sucks. but whatever i should do okay on them i guess. mrs vanderlaske said not to worry. aaaand yeah.

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04:53pm 20/03/2005
mood: just laughing.
does anyone happen to know where to find a fertilized egg, prefereably through the mail?

its been a good day.

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11:05pm 16/03/2005
  i really need to stop giving in so easily...why do you let me?  

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its a feeling that you cannot miss   
12:02pm 12/03/2005
mood: energetic
blah..been an okay week i guess.

tuesday i had WINFO, were almost done with our magazine! comes out march 23. it was fun, juliana came that day and aly, myles, and kat were all hanging out after school. we went rain dancing. after i got off the late bus i walked home in the rain, then went out in for a walk in it that lasted about 30 minutes. i was very wet and cold by about halfway through, but it was fun.

wednesday, had Sea Breezes after school. were planning the next poetry night for this friday, the 18th, at motts. everyone come! uhmm my dad had to go off island that night, and thursday and friday nights too.

thuesday was boring and sucky and didnt work out hte way i would have liked. same with friday. but there wasnt anything i could do about either days so whatever. friday was still good, went over laurens with people after school, it was me, lauren, aly, myles, leandra, juliana, kevin, james, willy and andy. and me and juliana slept over. we danced some, played Sims some, played a couple games, and created Veronica. haha that was very funny. we had a dance off that willy definately won, even though lauren had a better butt and julianas pretty and leandra took her shirt off. willys got some nice moves.

woke up this morning, went to work, got sent home, am bored now. but alyssas home, and laurens sleeping over tonight, so thats cool. \

i cant believe its snowing again.

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who knows.   
11:31pm 07/03/2005
  ABCD today, first day back from vacation. i woke up very late and had to practically run out the door when i finally got out of bed. that sucked. study was okay, saw james yay. B i had geometry, which actually wasnt awful. i didnt really mind it for like the 3rd time all year. first lunch. then baking, we made muffins but i dont like apple chunks so i gave julie i peice then gave marc the rest when he came to visit michelle in art. i ahvent done practially anything in that class for a couple weeks, i just pretend to be shading my picture that i drew. oh well.
babysat this afternoon. i got off the bus at meadowview, like i always do, to walk up to quantapog. but as the bus pulls away i hear people screaming "MEEEBBBB!!!!" and when i looked over i saw justin driving by with kevin, james and tracy in the car all yelling at me out justins window. i told him to pick me up so he did, and we drove tracy home then he took me to the house i babysit it. it was a fun adventure for the 10 minutes it took up, something different from every other monday afternoon.

i hate the way ill hate something, and then it will change and ill get mad. its like i get so used to hating it, that it just becomes a constant in my life and no matter how much i dislike it i also look to it for comfort because its always there in a way that good things arent. but then when it leaves i get lost because i dont know what to do without it there. and even though i hate it so much and i hate the way it affects me i cant help but miss it. because through all that hate ive really grown to love it, even if i cant admit that to myself. i really love it, and i dont want it to disappear or change even though i pretend like i do because thats whats expected of me. im sick of doing what im supposed to, i wish i could tell someone that i love it and want it to be there for me. but i cant, because its gone. and im so afraid it wont come back.

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you probably wont read all this, but i thought it was amusing   
07:22pm 05/03/2005
  Am I Crazy?Collapse )  

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08:58am 05/03/2005
  juliana slept over thursday night, then yesterday i went out to lunch with caitlin and hung out with her for a bit. went to see hitch with marc, bobby, and andy last night. it was okay i guess.

and now i just got woken up by my sister calling 54351234354 times in a row. I HATE WAKING UP TO THE SOUND OF A PHONE. and my phone doesnt ring, it plays songs, so now i hate the song lady marmalade. she couoldnt leave a message or anything, which i can hear from my bed since hte machines at hte bottom of the stairs. no she had to drive me insane and give me a headache instead. DSJF?ERTJRT now i have to go to work and its cold out and im tired and i still need to finish that stupid global paper that was due over a week ago. mines too short and i dont know how to make it longer.

(glances in the mirror